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Sabtu, 24 September 2011

Free MultiHero Download

MultiHero is a freeware 2D game. The game features:

- Simultaneous platform and fighting elements on  2D side scrolling levels  
- 640x480 resolution on full screen or window mode
- Famous characters to choose from
- Easy to learn game mechanisms but hard to master
- Levels are full of obstacles, enemies and surprises
- All playable characters have 8+ different moves plus a super special move
- Use items to help you on fights and obstacles
- Up to four human players on cooperative or versus mode (hot-seat)  
- Choose from 4 different game modes on versus games (Death Match, Capture the flag, Keep the flag, Hit The target)
- Battle with your friends or/and against intelligent CPU players on teams or free for all on any versus mode
- Unlock levels and characters by beating the game and discovering its secret areas
redefineable controls, support for keyboard and up to 4 joysticks
Especially different level designs for maximum fun and varied challenge
Visit the MultiHero official site http://multihero.sitesled.com/ for more information. Download it from the link below, don't forget to post a comment!!-----Source : en.wikipedia.org

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